Umbilical Cord Blood and Adult Stem Cell Preservation


Who is AdultCells?

AdultCells is America’s premier adult peripheral blood stem cell preservation companySM. AdultCells is America’s first commercial company to offer autologous (self donated for self use) adult peripheral blood stem cell collection and preservation services on the national level using convenient, conventional, natural blood collection methods. Thanks to our proprietary technology and our commitment to controlling costs, AdultCells makes pre-disease stem cell collection for healthy adults easy, safe and affordable

Peace of Mind

Your blood is rich in stem cells. These precious stem cells may ultimately provide a medical treatment for yourself, your children or even other extended family members. Choosing to use AdultCells as your adult stem cell preservation service gives peace of mind that your stem cells are safely stored at a state of the art cryopreservation laboratory and are accessible anytime should the need arise.

Take a Moment to Find out More

Beyond the newborn stage, the next best stem cell harvesting opportunity is as early as possible, while each child, adolescent and adult family member is in good health.

Take a moment to contact AdultCells and one of our friendly support representatives would be glad to answer your questions and provide you with more information about the AdultCells service.

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