Umbilical Cord Blood and Adult Stem Cell Preservation


Who is ViviCells

ViviCells is the only international stem cell preservation company currently committed to providing entire families, from newborns to adults, with the highest quality and most affordable stem cell services through its combined NeoCells and AdultCells operating subsidiaries. ViviCells

management experience spans more than forty years in the health care industry consisting of proven pioneering staff assembled from the cord blood and adult peripheral blood stem cell preservation fields.

ViviCells family of companies

ViviCells’ subsidiaries NeoCells and AdultCells provide clients with America’s only true family stem cell preservation offering. NeoCells allows clients to preserve their newborn’s umbilical cord blood stem cells at birth and AdultCells provides clients the ability for children, adolescents and adults to be able to preserve their adult peripheral blood stem cells well after birth.

Why stem cells

ViviCells believes that stem cells are the way of the future in medical advancements. Today, there are over 70 diseases and disorders that are being treated with stem cell therapy and many U.S. companies are already in phase II and phase III clinical trials of medical research including areas such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, spinal cord injuries , multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Lupus and many more. Stem cells provide a 100% match for the donor, a 1 in 2 match for blood parents and a 1 in 4 match for siblings.


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